So GDPR... What does it actually mean! Well to be perfectly honest to small businesses like myself it is a minefield! Us Photographers didn’t get into this business for the paperwork and the privacy policies, we do it because we love Photography but here goes anyway!

In very basic terms I totally respect your personal information and will only ask you for what information I really need from you. I will look after your data the same way I would want mine to be looked after, i.e. keeping it secure! I will only share it with others where we need their help us deliver our service to you (for example this might be a professional printing laboratory who may need your name and address to post your purchases). That is the basics of it but if you need to know any more here are the in-depth details.


Rhianna Ingram Photography takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy has been prepared in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which promotes fairness and transparency for all individuals in respect of their personal data. This privacy policy applies to all data we process, and by using Rhianna Ingram Photography you consent to our collection and use of such data.

1. The Data we collect

We collect a variety of data in order to deliver our services, and we will manage your personal data transparently, fairly and securely.

We may ask you to provide us the following personal data –

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number

We will record a date of birth, for all persons we photograph under the age of 13 and require the parent or a legal guardian to consent to photography.

Obviously being a photographic business we also create and manage images as per our contractual agreements.

The above data is used in a variety of manners including delivering our service to you, for marketing purposes, to personalise your experience, to provide account access to your photographic galleries.

We collect this data on the following lawful basis via Contact forms, Consent, to arrange or fulfil a Contract, to meet a legal obligation other than a Contract.

When you visit our website we also collect Cookies. These are small pieces of data that websites send to a user's computer and are stored on the user's web browser. They are designed to enable the website to remember information, such as what a user might have put in a shopping cart for example. This can helps us personalise your experience; deliver our service to you or for Marketing purposes.

2. Which third parties do we share Personal Data with?

We share personal data with the following third parties:

  • Google Analytics
  • Zenfolio – Website hosting company
  • Paypal or other customer payment provider where used
  • Hotmail - email provider
  • Printing Labs, (including although not solely) One Vision & Photobox

There are also certain situations in which we may share access to your personal data without your explicit consent; for example, if required by law, to protect the life of an individual, or to comply with any valid legal process, government request, rule or regulation.

3. Why do we share your Personal Data with the above?

We share your data in to deliver our service to you, for marketing purposes, personalise your experience, to provide account access etc.

We may transfer personal data to a country outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) if necessary eg if a third party we utilise could have servers located outside of the EEA.

4. Changes to our privacy policy and control

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. When we do it will be updated on this website for any customer to view. By continuing to access or use our services after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised privacy policy.

While we do not hold personal data any longer than we need to. The duration will depend on your relationship with us, and whether it is on-going.


Is a Photograph personal data?


Aside from the above personal data, as a Photographer it is the natural of the role that we will store photographs. The GDPR guidelines about when a Photograph constitutes personal data is hard to define although rest assured I will treat your Photographs as carefully as I would any other personal data and inline with above.


Given the natural of this being a Photography business, where consent is given, photographs will be used for a range of activities including Marketing and Promotional activity and may be sold onto any 3rd party inline with any contractual agreement made. These activities will only ever be actioned where consent is actively given. When a contract as signed by one individual it is the responsibility of that individual to ensure consent is applicable from all participants / guests.